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About Our Practice

DelMed Health's Vision Statement

Celebrate Health and Empower Women

At DelMed in Lewes, we understand that choosing your OBGYN practice is extremely personal and it is a relationship we strive to maintain and cultivate for a lifetime. The rapport that exists between you and your women's healthcare provider needs to be honest, open and comfortable. At Delmed we have approached your care by offering you with choices. Currently, we have three providers available to offer the flexibility patients may need for scheduling and personal preferences. By offering both a male and female physicians on staff, there is a choice for those people who may have a preference. For patients who speak a second language, both physicians and some staff members are bilingual. For our patients who are preparing to expand their family, we believe it is essential that our providers are able to not only assist you in this process clinically, but also empathize with you, listen and counsel you with life experience. It is key that we have providers available who can identify with your situation and speak from practical application. If you choose to meet with our senior provider and founder of the practice, Dr. Moise, you will find instantly that he has a very calming demeanor. You will immediately feel at ease. He might tell you he is married with children in conversation, and may even tell you he adopted a young son from Africa but what patients remember most is his positive attitude, kindness and his humor. Most importantly, he is a modest man, and so he will not tell you about his vast medical experience. You might have to ask one of the medical assistants to find out what excellent hands you are in.

When you meet with Dr. Aline Nukuna, a married mother of three, she may also talk to you about healthy living and exercise. What you will always notice about Dr. Nakuna is that she will look directly at you and will give you her undivided attention. She is a good listener with a genuine and attentive bedside manner. Most patients will tell you, “She is very thorough and takes the time to get to know her patients.” Her Medical Assistants in turn may relay to you, “Please pardon the wait, everyone wants to be you.” Simply meaning, when you are with Dr. Nukuna, you have her undivided attention and she will not rush to the next patient until all of your questions are answered,

At Delmed Health, our commitment to our patient extends beyond the basics. We are always striving to provide a world class experience. That means we are always working on ways to improve the patient process. This includes flexible scheduling and providers that can identify with our younger clientele. Scheduling flexibility is a challenge. We know many people have extremely busy work schedules and our providers can often be called away at a moments notice to deliver babies. In some practices that can be an inconvenience, causing delays and rescheduling of appointments. At Delmed Health, we have remedied that situation by having a full time Certified Nurse Midwife on site. The flexibility of having Carrie Sz. Keane CNM. at DelMed has increased the patient experience in more ways than we anticipated. Not only does her flexibility allow for less patient reschedules when the other providers have emergencies, Carrie's diverse experience and personal attention to each patient's needs, brings a level of patient care and “world class services” that many patients do not experience elsewhere. Our current patients have only positive feedback regarding their experience with her. Our Certified Nurse Midwife, Carrie Keane has been specializing in women’s health for 10 years Sussex County. . We believe this shows that our practice is stable, dedicated to a lifetime of practicing in Delaware. When you meet with Carrie Keane, It’s comforting to know that you will see a familiar face and someone who knows not only your medical background, but understands you as a person. You are not just a patient when you see Carrie..

As with every great practice, there is an administrative team, working diligently to keep the practice running efficiently and working hard to create magical moments with every patient that walks through the door. Our Practice Manager, Maryanne Johnson has been with DelMed health since 2000. She is a key facilitator in the execution of the DelMed Health’s Annual Health Fair for Women and is dedicated to adding services to the practice which will fulfill more of the needs of the community. Her mission is maintaining a compassionate and qualified staff that provides the highest quality care for the Women in Sussex County. Maryanne has an open door policy and invites you to stop in at your next visit and let her know how your appointment went.

To learn more about our practice and the services we offer, including OBGYN, contact our Lewes office.