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Adolescent Health

Adolescent HealthThe American College of Obstetricians and recommends that adolescent girls have a reproductive health visit between the ages of 13 and 15. This allows the opportunity for them to begin to know their health care provider and build a strong, trusting relationship. These early visits focus on information and prevention.

What happens at the first visit?

Your provider will meet with you and your parent(s), if accompanying you, and then will have a private talk with you. For a well visit, most of the time will be spending talking.

Your provider will:

Most healthy teens will not need a pelvic exam. For problem visits, your provider will use ultrasound and urine tests as a first line for evaluation, and perform a vaginal exam only when absolutely necessary.

Your provider can answer questions about cramps and problems with your menstrual period, tampon use, headaches with your period, vaginal infections, acne, weight, sex and sexuality, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, alcohol, drugs, smoking, as well as emotional ups and downs.

At your first visit and other visits, your physician will:

Order Lab Tests:

Based on both your medical and family histories, if you are considered at high risk for certain health conditions the following tests may be recommended:

Administer or recommend you see your family practitioner for the following vaccinations:

Refer you to a genetic counselor if you are at risk for an inherited condition, if you are pregnant, considering pregnancy or have a strong family history or risk for a hereditary cancer.

Problems your gynecology provider should know about

You may be embarrassed to call your provider or ask questions. Here are some important issues on which you should always call. Don’t hesitate to ask to be seen when: